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FANART: Kurt/Blaine for klainebigbang

Title/Fic: If You Would by etacanis for klainebigbang Round One
Artist: thereshedances
Rating: G
Materials Used: Digital art
Warning: None

Link to fic coming soon!!!

I was so excited to be able to do art for etacanis's fic If You Would for the klainebigbang :D Not only is it a GLEE (♥) fic but it is also a KLAINE (♥ ♥) fic and to top it all of, a LONDON KLAINE (♥ ♥ ♥) fic. So basically, it combined three awesome things into one awesome piece of fanfiction and I was a very happy girl indeed :D

And here comes the art. The original plan was to make a film poster-esque art with Kurt in London on one side and Blaine in LA on another side and them being seperated by some kind of wall but things never do go as you plan but I still think it worked out well (or at least, I do hope so...).

Summary:The first time Kurt was asked where he wanted to go to college, his answer was "London". He always knew it was just a dream - especially after Blaine came along - but what if it didn't have to be? What if he could go to London for college? Would his relationship survive?

WALLPAPERS: 800x600 ; 1024x768 ; 1280x1204

Single Art pieces:

Kurt and Blaine: It's from the EW photoshoot obviously, except that Kurt has a (slightly) different outfit and Blaine doesn't wear the Warblers uniform since he has graduated.

Kurt at Reagents Street: I couldn't resist making a polaroid manip of Kurt visiting a famous London place XD Let's imagine he sent this to Blaine to make him slightly jealous and that Blaine has it on his fridge so that he has something pretty to look at every early morning...

City Headers: Why yes, I do happen to really, really love skylines...

Fanmix Covers: The fanmix is created by etacanis so I just made the covers :) You should all totally listen to the mix btw! It is AMAZING :D

Annnnd I think that is all :D Comments are always cherished and appreciated of course!

Now shoo! Go and read the fic if you haven't already!!!

Kurt/Blaine photos - Chris-colfer.com, Darrencrissweb.com and Darren-Criss.com
LA stencil - from this Zazzle LA mousepad
London stencil - from Spraypaintstencils.com
Textures/clipart from _keeptalkingshitz @ DA, horizonroad @ DA, narcoticplease @ DA, crazykira resources @ DA and nyaubaby @ DA

And I have to (unfortunately) admit that I don't remember and (sadly) forgot to note down where I got the London and LA photos used in the fanmix covers...but it started with google. I hope I didn't miss anyting else but if I did, do tell!
Tags: big bang, fanart: glee
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