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Fanart: Kirk/McCoy for au_bigbang

Title/Fic: The Greater Good by emiliglia for au_bigbang Round Two
Artist: thereshedances
Rating: G
Materials Used: Digital art
Warning: None

So I had the pleasure of doing art for emiliglia's fic The Greater Good :D :D It is a Star Trek XI fic with the pairing Kirk/McCoy and you should all go and read it now! :D

Summary: Doctor Leonard McCoy thinks he's getting by, working as both a surgeon and a researcher at UCSF Medical Center. A chance encounter with Lieutenant Jim Kirk - who's changed since they first met five years before, and not for the better - forces Leonard to face reality about his own situation while trying to keep Jim from heading down the same path.

Jim Kirk - Lieutenant

Dr. Leonard McCoy - Surgeon and researcher

Air Ambulance which Kirk pilots

Miss Fifty Two - one of the lab rats that McCoy has as a pet

City Dividers: (because everyone knows I'm crazy about city life and skylines photos so I couldn't resist...)

Huh, I think that is it :D Hope you all like it! I'm still new to all this fanart business and it's only my second time doing a big bang :D Comments are cherished and appreciated!

Resources/Photo references used:
Chris Pine in the film The Captains.
Karl Urban at the LA premier of Cloverfield.
The Lab rat is from Crestock
The helicopter and the skyline photos are all from Wikipedia.
Textures from nyaubaby and yunyunsarang
Tags: big bang, fanart: star trek
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