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Fanart: Harry/Draco

Title: You Are Here
Artist: thereshedances
Rating: G
Materials Used: Digital art (SketchbookX, Paint Shop Pro)
Warning: Nada. Well, unintentional disproportion of body parts..

LJ cut or Link: You can either view it here at deviantart or click the lj-cut below . It has also been posted to hd_fanart.

Notes: This is the first time I have used my iPad to draw and paint :D It was fun. It did turn out very sloppy though (especially the lines and proportion x_x) but oh well :) The original idea was to have them stand on a small bridge in a forest and Harry was suppose to be grabbing Draco's scarf but it just didn't turn out well (I'm still new at this...) so I ended up having to use a background texture and give Harry a pair of mittens. Let's just imagine that the hand is heading north (or south...) :)

The background texture is by brandrificus and the quote is once again from Richard Siken's poetry collection "Crush".
Tags: fanart: harry potter, rating:g
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