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FANART: Covers for novel_bigbang story

Title/Fic: In All The Empty Places You must Walk by kyrdwyn for novel_bigbang Round Two
Artist: thereshedances
Rating: G
Materials Used: Digital art
Warning: None

Being able to participate in novel_bigbang was so much fun! I've always wanted to do something like that - whether produce art for something original and new or write a novel (which I didn't but maybe someday in the future?). I got the brilliant story called 'In All The Empty Places You Must Walk' by kyrdwyn. I really recommend you all to read it!!! It's a story that combines sci-fic, romance and drama and it is really beautiful :)

The art was tricky to make because I honestly didn't know what to do. I like simplicity though and I knew I didn't want to use faces of actors because I like the idea of having your own image in your head when you read. I was planning on making some kind of art using the actors references though (sort of like a character list) but it didn't work well enough :( Like many things, I can have this idea in my head and it's absolutely brilliant in theory but never work well in practise. Le sigh.

In the end, I made a front and back cover. I have provided explainations for each of them of what they portray so please do read that do (I don't think they are very spoilery but some might want to read the story first).

Summary:Finding your soul mate should be the best day of your life, but when he's underage and the focus of a prophecy, the trouble is just starting.

Description: The idea of the cover is suppose to be based on the scene when Tim and Richard finally meet during the ritual. The arm with the visible completed infinity mark is Richards whilst the hand is suppose to be Tim (who is much younger than Richard during the scene) and the scene is:

"[Tim] looked up to say something, but then the 'ground' below them shook, and he found himself ripped out of Richard's arms, three feet away, feeling as if someone were dragging him. "Richard!"

His mate had already begun to run toward him, and Tim reached out a hand. Richard took it, and they both tugged against whatever force had hold of Tim. Abruptly, the force let go and Tim stumbled against Richard, wrapping his arms around him tightly and not fighting the feeling of merging with him, if it meant he wouldn't be ripped away from him again."

There are two versions of the back cover - one that includes a quote from the prophecy and one that doesn't.

The photos are basically things from the ritual - a mortar, the stone bench, cup and drawer :)

I believe this is all. I hope I managed to include everything. I wished I could have made more though (especially that character banner I mentioned) but alas, I am still proud of the final product :)

Comments are always appriciated! And if you haven't read the story yet, then o and do so now! :)

I have no memory where I actually got the photo on the front picture (google?) but the others are from: jinxmim.deviantart.com, sofie73.deviantart, bouky.deviantart.com and Wikipedia.
Tags: big bang, fanart: original
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